Mark’s home-grown free-range chooks


THE thing about cabinet making is it is an inside job, requiring all sorts of equipment and a dry environment in which to work.

Mark Plowman followed this career in Melbourne, but one day decided to come to the country with his wife Wendy to ‘do some outside work’.

That was 20 years ago and they have been in the hills around Strathbogie at Boho South ever since.

Starting off with free-range eggs, they delivered these to Farm Pride in Melbourne for packaging and sale, and later to outlets everywhere for seven years until they sold the business round.

Mark was beginning to be unhappy with the chickens he received for egg production and started to grow his own.

This led to people asking about these good layers, so he began to sell them; as always, one thing led to another and now the Plowmans are up to their ears in chickens.

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