Local alpacas on the way to China

web---Rural---AlpacasALL AMONG THE WOOL: Angela Preuss of Surilana Alpacas, with husband Ian, has just finished readying more than 500 alpacas for export to China.

THE Australian mining industry booms and busts with Chinese orders for iron ore and minerals, but it is as yet unusual to see a large order for breeding stock.

Ian and Angela Preuss of Surilana Alpacas were recently the focus of a very large order for alpacas for export to China.

The isolation and quarantine facility in Merton received the order via Wildflower Exports – an export management company based in Western Australia which completed all the travel arrangements.

The order was very specific about which sexes, colors, breeds and price ranges were required, and Surilana had to source the animals across Victoria and into NSW.

Most of the total of 525 animals were of the Huacaya breed, which are more like Merinos with crimped fleece, but unfortunately, very few Suris were wanted.

The Suri breed appears shaggier, with the fleece hanging down much more; Surilana is the largest Suri stud in Australia.

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