Seal of disapproval

DISCONTENT: Hella Friday is seriously disappointed with the resealing work performed on her driveway. The cost was as agreed, but the quality of work leaves a great deal to be desired.

MANY people in Mansfield have recently been pressured into having their driveway resealed cheaply with bitumen – the problem is the quality of the work is also cheap.

How many times have you answered the door to be told a certain trade is in the district and would you like your house painted or the roof retiled?

The latest offer doing the rounds in Mansfield (and it seems elsewhere in the state) is a chance to seal the driveway with bitumen at a reduced price.

Another weekly publication last week carried a similar story warning country folk of the shoddy workmanship and what was considered overpricing.

The man approaching local residents is saying that road work has been going on nearby and there is leftover bitumen from that job which will only spoil if it has to go back to the factory.

Several residents in the Mansfield district have been approached and told the above story with an offer to do the job for $13 a square metre instead of the usual $18.

Many that agreed to the work are greatly dissatisfied with the outcome, saying the bitumen is thin and the road base is not well prepared.

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