Why is unleaded petrol so expensive in Mansfield?

LEADING THE WAY: Although buying fuel independently, Mark Poole of Bonnie Doon Oasis can still sell petrol cheaper than in Mansfield.

MANSFIELD motorists are furious that fuel prices are dearer in town than they are at the pumps in Bonnie Doon and Merton.

Despite plummeting crude oil prices, the BP Roadhouse and Mansfield Caltex are both charging 139.9 cents a litre for unleaded petrol.

Just 15 minutes away you can fill up for as low as $1.30 per litre at the Bonnie Doon Central Roadhouse.

At nine cents per litre cheaper, residents are demanding answers and wondering whether a further Christmas price hike will widen the disparity.

Although the variation is currently less than 10 cents per litre, last Thursday there was 16.9 cents between what you would pay for a litre of unleaded in Mansfield, and what you would pay in Bonnie Doon.

However, Dean Khoo of Mansfield BP said the prices were beyond his control.

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