Carolyn can see the benefit of planting trees

STANDING TALL: Carolyn Hill is passionate about her tree plantation and will obviously be sad when they are eventually felled in 25 years time.

IN broadening the scope of and seeking other activities for their properties, in the past some farmers chose to allow trees to be planted there by large forestry plantation concerns.

These companies would plant, manage, thin and eventually fell the trees – the farmer simply supplied the land and one day hoped to make a return on the effort.

The collapse of these companies in the early 2000s meant many farmers were left with hectares of tree plantations that many simply cut down or had pulped.

In view of this background, it may seem unusual to see another landholder choosing to plant trees for an eventual profit.

Carolyn Hill, however, had the advantage of forestry training with Melbourne University at Creswick, giving her control over tree selection and plantation management – even if not the weather.

On her secluded 27 acre property, Carolyn has planted 10 to 12 acres of mainly eucalypts she has selected herself.

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