Cockatoos ruining walnut crop

HEARTBREAK: Carlo Inglese holds up some of the many walnuts that cockatoos have stripped from his trees. He is desperate to find a workable solution to this problem.

WHAT is the major limitation to growing fruit and nuts on your property – is it water, soil, manpower, fires, floods or capital investment?

No – it’s cockatoos.

These (unfortunately) intelligent birds seem to have a way of knowing just when the fruit is ripe – or even just before it’s ready to be picked – so they can swoop in and strip it off the branches.

Carlo Inglese has found these birds a continual challenge, cracking and dropping walnuts from his trees.

“There’s one scout that comes in, then it calls in a few mates,” he said.

“After that the whole flock comes around and I can see up to 150 of them in a nearby gum tree, just waiting.

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