The Mansfield masked marauders

web_masked marauders_pe_c2_20150417PROTECTIVE: The masked lapwing that may decide to swoop around Mansfield. PHOTO: Felicity Harvey

THE Australian Phantom of the Opera can be seen in Mansfield right now.

No it’s not a spooky musical, but the masked lapwing, aka plover, making residents a little nervous at the moment.

With its over-protective parenting and eerie late night calls, keep a lookout for this swooping buddy during autumn.

“The masked lapwing is a very protective parent who isn’t afraid to chase away animals and people it sees as a threat to its young,” said Susanna Bradshaw, chief executive officer of the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife.

“This means many residents have learnt to tread carefully when walking through the lapwing’s favorite nesting spots like ovals and grassy parks.

“While these birds make the most of a warm, wet autumn, you can expect them to start nesting and increasing their defensive behavior.”

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