What a day, what a match as weather challenges shooters

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THAWING OUT: Shooters at the Chas Hayes Long Range Pennant enjoy a well-earned afternoon tea after a challenging day on the range at Karramomus.

THE East Central District Rifle Association (ECDRA) team had second thoughts as they drove through hail, strong wind and driving rain on the way to the Karramomus Rifle Range on Saturday to contest the first round of the Chas Hayes Long Range Pennant over 800 and 900 yards.  

The forecast did not look good but there seemed to be a break in the weather for the early afternoon.  

Just as the shooters arrived at the 800 yard mound a rain squall sliced across the range, but after 10 minutes it was decided that the shower had passed and it was good enough to start.  

The leaden skies and strong fishtailing wind from behind the shooters proved to be testing to both shooters and wind coaches, but the worst of the weather held off and three possible scores were posted at 800yds.  

It was not long before things were stressed for the local team, as Andrew Braden found that his rifle had been damaged and he could not shoot.  

Braden was quick to make the best of a difficult situation by volunteering to mark targets for the rest of the match.

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