• Key questions asked at annual hospital meeting

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    CONTROVERSY: Questions were asked at the Mansfield District Hospital AGM last week on where the blame should lie for the increasing deficit.

    ABOUT 100 people attended the Mansfield District Hospital annual general meeting last week, at what many would call ‘a brisk meeting’.

    Questions were asked of the board regarding the deficit, which was attributed by the chair, Rowan Swaney, largely to the midwifery model of care.

    This view was challenged by Dr Will Twycross, who said the statement needed correction.

    “As has been the case over many years, most of the deficit lies in Aged Care, where Commonwealth funding has always been an issue,” Dr Twycross said later, in a joint statement with Dr Graham Slaney.

    “Furthermore the MDH has received increased funding by the health department since – in recognition of the extra services (partly in obstetrics, but also in emergency) Mansfield Hospital has provided that have closed in several similar hospitals in our region.”

    An unnamed source said Dr Twycross asked a question at the meeting why a risk assessor was in the hospital when the staff weren’t told they were coming or what they were doing.

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