Community comes to Baru’s rescue

WEB_buried dog_pe_c4_20160422
I’LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN: Baru after his rescue, tired and dehydrated, but lucky to be alive.

MANSFIELD has often been described as a ‘can do’ town.

Last week, the people of the Mansfield Shire showed that ‘can-do’ spirit when it was needed.

They showed what they were made of when a dog was rescued from deep in a wombat hole.

The American Bulldog, Baru, had been camping with his owners at Noonan’s Flat when he decided to explore the hole.

When he became trapped on Sunday, April 17 at about 2pm, the call went out on social media and through the phone network for help to rescue him.

Andrea Prickett, from Lucky’s Rescue, Fostering and Re-homing, put the information out on ‘Buy Swap and Sell Mansfield’ and also on her ‘Emergency Animal Assistance’ site.

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