Maintenance, renewal or linking two mountains?

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HIGH ON A RIDGE: Current works being undertaken by Mt Buller/Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board on the Corn Hill Fire Track has seen the removal of some native vegetation.

ROUTINE maintenance works on the Corn Hill Fire Track have come under criticism and questioning from a member of the National Parks Association, Charles Street.

Recent works have seen the track widened in some areas which has necessitated the removal of native vegetation and new erosion along the road.

Mr Street said despite many attempts to find planning permits for these works including widening and removal of native vegetation, none have been found.

He believes it is the start of the new link between Mt Buller and Mt Stirling.

Mr Street said locals should be aware there have been applications for a Buller Stirling Link Road in the planning pipeline since 2008.

“The proposal by the MBMS Alpine Resort Management Board was for a new road along the north face of Corn Hill, through intact sub-alpine forest, crossing the headwaters of the Delatite River,” Mr Street said.

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