Historic 303s at Violet Town range

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HISTORIC: Marty Kelly with a Number 4 303, with central rear-sight and blade foresight, taking final aim for his last shot at 600 yards. Note the traditional two point webbing sling carried over the fore end of the rifle, again a very common practice in the 1950s.

The East Central District Rifle Association (ECDRA) revisited the style of shooting 60 years ago with a special 303 shoot on Saturday at the Violet Town range.
The competition involved dusting off the vintage 303 long range target rifles that were king of the range in the 1950s, and rebuilding the targets of that time.
Andrew Braden went to considerable trouble to duplicate exactly the aiming marks and target scoring areas of the 1950s targets, including the “Tin Hat” 300 yard target and the much smaller aiming marks for 500 and 600 yards.
The “3” ring on these targets is half black and half white and for the new shooters it was quite clear why the common call for a score of 3 is ”magpie 3”.
The good weather of the past week did not hold and the showers that began Friday night turned into light drizzle all day.
For the shooters the rain was not welcome as they struggled to keep ammunition dry, and the fickle wind that sprung up from time to time sent the shorts just wide of the bullseye.

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