Elderly patron hurt in axe attack at Woods Point hotel

AXE ATTACK: Patrons at the Woods Point Commercial Hotel were forced to shelter inside recently when a man attacked the place with a hatchet, trying to force his way inside.

A MAN in his early 20s has terrorised residents at Woods Point, attacking the hotel door with a small axe in an attempt to get to patrons locked inside, with an elderly gentleman taken to hospital with sustained head injuries.

The incident occurred on Saturday night two weeks ago when the attacker – who was suspected to have taken the drug ice prior to the event – was at the Commercial Hotel drinking.

According to police media, the alleged perpetrator was ejected from the hotel after an altercation with an elderly Woods Point resident, during which the man fell and hit his head on the floor.

Asked to leave, the incident was not initially reported to police until the offender returned to the scene.

“When the man returned the publican locked the doors to the hotel to prevent him from entering,” police media said in a statement.

Returning for the third time that evening, the offender is alleged to have smashed a number of windows and then attacked the locked door with a hatchet – or small axe.

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