Farmer pleads guilty to neglect of working dogs

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GUILTY AS CHARGED: A local farmer has pleaded guilty and ordered to pay a large fine for failing to adequately provide his working dogs with food and water.

A LOCAL cattle farmer has been fined more than $3000 for failing to look after his working dogs and has surrendered two horses to be rehomed by the Mansfield Shire Council.

Appearing at the Mansfield Magistrates Court last week, the defendant pleaded guilty to his numerous animal cruelty charges.

Magistrate John Murphy would hear none of his excuses when the producer claimed to be feeding his dogs twice daily, saying “I’m a farmer, don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes – I know animals.”

The defendant’s property was first visited by officers from the Mansfield Shire Council back in September last year, where it was noted one female Kelpie was in particularly bad condition.

In a 1.4 by 4 metre area, the dog was forced to take refuge on a windowsill as, according to a statement read out in court, “the actual floor area of where the dog had to sleep was full of faeces and urine – there was nowhere for it to go”.

On closer inspection, it was revealed the dog had no available food or water, and was in an emaciated state.

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