Tougher boat licensing has been called for

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MUST BE LICENSED: Stricter control of boat licences have been called for particularly with jet skiers and younger riders.

THERE have been renewed calls to toughen up boat licensing laws by members of the public who witnessed a boat crash at Lake Nillahcootie last month.

A witness described the incident, where a passenger riding a biscuit was hurt, as harrowing.

Investigation has revealed that there is no mandatory marine driving experience required to obtain a boat licence, and children as young as 12 are legally able to pilot a boat or jet ski under certain conditions.

Further concern was raised around the state last year when a jet skier struck and killed a father after hooning in a ‘swimmers only’ zone in Port Melbourne.

He was riding a jet ski legally for the first time.

In Victoria, Personal Watercraft operators (jet ski licence) – must hold a marine licence plus sit an additional test to receive a PWC endorsement.

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