Cooking up a reputation in the world of marmalades and cakes

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JUDGE: Janet Macdonald is the baking judge at the Tolmie Sports Day and is renowned for her cooking skills.

JANET Macdonald is not what you would consider a local resident – far from it – she still resides in Melbourne.

However, Janet is very well known in the Tolmie community and a regular visitor – renowned throughout the ‘land’ for her cooking skills.

Since 2009 Janet has been the baking judge at the Tolmie Sports Day – just a small task – and loves doing what she does.

The youngest recollection Janet has of cooking was helping her mother mix the Christmas pudding.

“I remember as a little girl, three or four years of age, sitting on the kitchen floor nursing a bowl of pudding mixture and stirring it,” Janet recalled.

“My mother was not great on cooking so as I got older I took more interest in helping to bake for the family.’


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