As far back as she can remember, all Jess wanted to be was a vet

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NEW FACE: Delatite Veterinary Services’ newest vet, Dr Jess Metcalfe, pictured with Olive the Jack Russell, is a small animal specialist.

JESSICA Metcalfe grew up in a world that revolved around helping others.

With her father the head of a neurosurgical unit, and her mother a dedicated paediatrician, Jess saw firsthand the hours required by those wanting a job in medicine.

Rather than finding the commitment daunting, it was her parents’ work ethic that helped motivate Jess to embark on her own career as an animal doctor (veterinarian).

“My dad is almost 60 now, and still puts in 70 hour weeks,” she said.

“I remember being young and thinking, wow, he’s dedicated to helping others – I’ve always really admired both of them for that.”

Despite having two parents in medicine, from the age of five Jess knew it was animals, rather than people, that she wanted to study.

After completing her education at Wesley College, Jess studied for her degree in veterinary science at Melbourne University before graduating in 2009.


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