Making raspberries into wine

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SO PROUD: Mansfield’s Timo and Emily Ploshke have just finalised their first batch of boutique raspberry wine, and they couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

RASPBERRRIES are typically associated with all things decadent – sweet treats, dripping red dessert sauces and melt in your mouth muffins.

But earlier this month Timo and Emily Ploshke turned the traditional raspberry into a not so traditional red wine – launched at their first ever trade tasting a few weeks ago.

Produced under their Northern Slopes Plantation label, the Ploshke’s have managed to create a completely unique product, and the first of its kind for Mansfield.

“Raspberries by nature are quite tart,” Timo explained.

“We wanted to make it just like a grape wine – it’s a bit like a Sav Blanc; the structure of it is quite acidically driven and it has a nice firm taste.”

The wine faithfully reflects the crisp tartness of a fresh raspberry.

This is not the first time Timo has ventured into the world of wine – in fact, he has been the manager at Barwite Vineyards for seven years.


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