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    HAPPY APP FOR TRAILS: Robert and Angela Mosley get set to ride the Great Victorian Rail Trail leaving Mansfield and covering the whole of the trail in two days.

    CYCLING the Great Victorian Rail Trail will be more inviting and made easier in the near future once a new app is available for iPhones or tablets.

    Riding the rail trail recently from Mansfield to Tallarook, via Alexandra, were Angela and Robert Mosley, who map and develop rail trail apps across Australia.

    Under the banner of Cyclewayz the couple ride their way along whichever rail trail they are mapping, noting information regarding food, water, accommodation, points of interest, elevations and even rail trail history – anything that will enhance the rider’s pleasure of traversing that trail.

    “It’s a cyclist’s travel guide with inbuilt navigation in your pocket,” Robert said.

    The Great Victorian Rail Trail is the latest in their projects which they expected to complete in two days and it will highlight points such as the Mansfield Railway Station, Bonnie Doon bridges and Cheviot Tunnel.

    They have already mapped and developed an app for the trails of Gippsland Plains, Murray to Mountains, Fernleigh (Newcastle) and Sandridge to Port Melbourne as well as the Bass Coast, Grand Ridge and High Country.


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