Summer storm rips through Mansfield

WEB_storm wrap_pe_c4_20180105
DOWN: Limbs were down across the shire after a wild summer storm tore through Mansfield after Christmas. Trees flattened fences, rooves were ripped from homes and livestock crushed in the freak weather event. This picture was taken on the Mansfield Rail Trail just before Pikes Road, where bike riders spent almost an hour clearing debris.

FENCES were flattened, 100-year-old red gums toppled and rooves ripped from their trusses when a freak summer storm tore through Mansfield over the Christmas period.

The wind and rain, which was likened to a miniature tornado, knocked the Optus tower at The Paps out – leaving many residents and visitors without mobile service for a week.

At least 200 homes were left without power, some still trying to sort out issues 48 hours after the worst had passed.

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