Infrastructure strained by tourists and locals

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A SORRY TALE: Stormwater drains, footpaths, curbing and guttering all need attention in Mansfield, but the money is just not there.

MANSFIELD Shire mayor Paul Volkering sat down with the Mansfield Courier last week to discuss local infrastructure and its attendant problems.

The conversation began as a result of the boom tourist season over the Christmas/New Year period and the strain that up to 80,000 tourists put on the town.

“Periods like this put enormous demands on all aspects of the shire,” Cr Volkering said.

“The area draws so many people and we have to spread our resources from Woods Point to Ancona.

“Our capacity to respond can be limited at times.”

The influx of tourists this year coincides with the damage that had been done in the shire by the massive rainfall that occurred in December.

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