Community calls to keep Barjarg at 100km/h

NOT all in the Barjarg community support a recent call for the Mansfield–Benalla road to be made into an 80km/h zone.

Last week, the Courier ran a story, ‘Residents want Barjarg 80km/h’, with local Community Group president, Chris Bennetts, saying the township speed limit should be dropped before a major accident occurred.

Mr Bennetts said the road from Barjarg to the Mansfield turn off was one of the worst between Melbourne and Benalla.

“The primary concern of the Barjarg Community Group … is for the safety of our residents, our visitors and those passing through our area,” he told the Courier.

“(But) in recent years there has been an ever-increasing number of vehicles, and, in particular, interstate transport using the highway.”
However, Rick Berriman, who owns Barjarg Automotive Servicers (the only major store), said the 100km/h speed limit was not the issue – rather, the noise from trucks using the air breaks made life in Barjarg audibly difficult.

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