• School fit to burst

    SCHOOLS across the Mansfield District are currently wrapping up their schooling for the year and have begun preparing for 2019.

    Among them, Mansfield Primary School (MPS) has spent the majority of 2018 planning and designing a new building which will cater for their rapidly growing population.

    With more than 440 students already enrolled for 2019, their cohort has grown by over 100 students within the last few years.

    The school has 70 preps enrolled across four classes for next year and principal Julie McInnes and the team at MPS will receive a helping hand from four new and three returning teachers.

    The Education Department Building Authority gave the school the green light for construction two months ago, and works began on December 4.

    It is hoped that the new learning space will be ready for use in October 2019 if the construction goes to plan.
    “It is very exciting,” Ms McInnes said.

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