• Dry, but not the worst: – Lake Eildon at 35 per cent

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    DOWN BUT NOT OUT: Although Lake Eildon has dropped a whopping 15 per cent since January; water levels are expected to rise considerably as the wetter months set in. Further improving the situation is the closure of the gravity fed water irrigation season, which shuts off next Wednesday.

    ALTHOUGH Lake Eildon appears to drying out a fast rate, the water is still higher now than it was in May 2016, and considerably higher than at this time in 2004.

    With a record hot and dry summer, water levels have dropped almost 15 per cent since January – now sitting at 35.81 per cent of capacity, 21 metres below full.

    This time last year, the lake was 55 per cent full.

    As of last Friday, outflows were 1200 meg per day – however, the gravity irrigation season is due to close next week, meaning water levels are expected to stabilise.

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