Does alpine grazing reduce blazing?

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WHO SUPPORTS ALPINE GRAZING: The MCAV have long argued that grazing cattle in the High Country helps reduce bushfire fuel loads. The Mansfield Courier wants to know if you agree, and why/why not, and will be holding an online forum to discuss the issue. Send through any questions you have to [email protected] . Pictured is president of the MCAV, Bruce McCormack, whose family have grazed cattle in the High Country for more than 150 years.

IT was 2005 when the Labor government (Steve Bracks) introduced a ban on alpine grazing in the Victorian High Country.

The ban has since been the subject of debate regarding alpine grazing and its effectiveness as a bushfire mitigation tool.

For the Mountain Cattlemen’s Association of Victoria (MCAV), the ban represents a milestone in a fight that has been raging for decades, constantly battling to keep their cattle in the national park, a 600,000-hectare strip of rugged country stretching from central Gippsland all the way to the NSW border.

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